Even though she made a bad first impression on us, we've actually really grown to like Darlen, the skinny bitch from Bad Girls Club. It turns out that Neveen and Hanna are the biggest assholes in the house. Ever since Cordelia โ€” the one who's appeared in pornos โ€” talked earnestly about her career as a stripper and what sort of stuff she's into sexually (anal!), Neveen and Hanna have openly mocked her relentlessly. (Seriously, those girls are evil assholes, and sadly, the way they call Darlen and Cordelia "dumb slut" and "stupid whore" makes us want to reach through the TV and flick them on the forehead.) In the clip above, Darlen, pissed at Neveen and Hanna's blatant disrespect for her roommate and for sex workers in general, morphs into "Captain Save A Ho" and stands up for her friend. The fight gets like beer-commercial sexy though, as one of Darlen's breasts keeps falling out of her bikini, and Neveen decides to pour milk all over her.