Bad Girls Attempt Same Sex Union; Fail

On last night's episode, the girls went to Vegas, where the two Ambers decided to get married... to each other. Once the Bible-misquoting officiant heard their vows, which involved a double-headed dildo, she walked out.

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I can understand if a minister/priest/JOP thought she was actually performing a ceremony for two people who loved each other, saw that this was an affront to her religion and walked out. TOTALLY get that and respect it, like "You may not take this seriously, but I do, so fuck you." But, seriously, she's just making crap up—there is NOTHING specifically about smoking in the Bible. Yeah, you can take a passage in Corinthians about the body being a temple and transfer that to healthy living but it really has to do with suicide and scarification.

Please, please, please do not use the Bible to condemn your pet peeves. There's plenty of material for you to use in there on a plethora of other stupid bullshit.