Bad Education

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A 39-year-old Japanese man bought a school girl's uniform and a long wig on the internet, put 'em on and went to a high school north of Tokyo. Students standing outside the building saw him and started screaming, so Tetsunori Nanpei did the "logical" thing: He rushed onto the school grounds and tried to blend in. But kids wouldn't stop freaking out, so Nanpei fled, losing his wig. A school clerk chased and caught him; he was arrested for trespassing. This story would have been better if the schoolgirls had gone Gogo from Kill Bill and tackled his creepy ass, but it's probably good that they steered clear. [Guardian]


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Manga is a little different from anime and both are incredibly popular in Japan (everyone, even little old ladies, read manga on the train). For every "girl with super powers" or "girl violated by tentacles" there's a "girl goes to a conservatory to learn to be a better pianist" or "girl learns to overcome the guilt of losing their sibling in a car accident."

But the school girl fantasy is tied to an issue Japanese men have with women entering the seriously. Because 9 times out of 10 the school girl has magical powers...and dates a powerless guy who happens to be the only one who can "control" her. :/

Also the age of consent in Japan is sex with a 16 year old girl isn't just a fantasy.