Bachelorette Rachel Wants to Be Rachel Getting Married

We’re in the final stretch of this season of The Bachelorette, which means our contestants are facing two of the biggest challenges a couple will go up against: meeting the parents, and sex.


Rachel tackled the former with her three remaining suitors during Monday night’s episode, but we only saw the latter with one. The conversation the dominated her time with all of them, however, wasn’t about sexual compatibility or whether her folks got along with them, but about how much Rachel wants to get married, and whether the men she’s with are on the same page as her.


Says he loves her, very committed, liked by her family, but everyone is concerned that he hasn’t been in a particularly serious relationship before (or at least recently) and isn’t ready for all that marriage entails.

Rachel’s response to Eric: Thinks he’s sweet, seems really comfortable with him, not sure that he’s ready for marriage.


Says he loves her, very committed, definitely liked by her family, but isn’t sure if he’ll be ready to propose as soon as the final rose ceremony. Is willing to say that they’ll keep dating seriously.

Rachel’s response to Peter: Very concerned that he might not be ready to get engaged.



Says he loves her, apparently very committed, but perhaps a little too hasty with his feelings (and his love for his mom), which means her family isn’t sure if they trust him.


Rachel’s response to Bryan: Very concerned that her family gave him such a hard time.

So there you have it: a choice between a guy who says he’s ready to get married but might not be, a guy who isn’t sure he’s ready to get married but will be eventually, or a guy who says he’s definitely ready to get married. “I didn’t come this far and put my life on hold and sacrifice everything I had to to do this to just have a boyfriend at the end of it,” she told Peter. “That’s not what I want. Because I could have done that without this.”

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Whichever man she chose, looks like she got her wish.



if you want to get married, and you’re with a man you love, would you risk losing him because he’s not ready to get married RIGHT THIS SECOND?