Bachelor Party Update: What Happens In Tallinn, Stays In Tallinn!

Ever since Estonia joined the European Union a few years back, we've noticed there are lots more stories in the papers for us to ignore about all the economic activity, software development, new economy industries, etc. going on there. (For example: Skype, the only company that manages to make telephone conversation sound less like actual human interaction than Verizon Wireless, is based there.)

Anyway, today we finally came across an article about an emerging Estonian industry we weren't completely bored to tears by: The Borat-themed, homoerotically-charged bachelor party industry beloved by men like Briton Adam Burrows.

By evening, Mr. Burrows was back on the town in a shiny, skin-tight red T-shirt and matching shorts, the get-up worn by an openly homosexual character in the British TV comedy "Little Britain." In the old town square, he and his pals ran into another group led by a groom-to-be in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit. He and Mr. Burrows engaged in mock combat, wrestling one another to the ground.

In Estonia, "if we drink, we don't make so much noise," notes Tallinn's deputy mayor, Jaanus Mutli.


Yeah, Estonians probably wouldn't think to bake their own jizz into their best friends' bachelor party cakes, either. But just wait for another decade or so of steady GDP growth!

British Bridegrooms Bring Stage Revelry To Eastern Europe [Wall Street Journal]

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