Bachelor Contestant Edited to Look like She's Talking to a Raccoon

Now that another season of The Bachelorette is over, ABC is filling the rest of their summer season with a new show, Bachelor in Paradise, which attempts to combine the crass nature of Bachelor Pad and the (intended) romantic dreaminess of The Bachelor/ette. It's not really working.


While Bachelor Pad was a show sort of about love but mostly about competing for a cash prize, Bachelor in Paradise is presumably about giving these unlucky-in-love former Bachelor contestants another shot at finding their one and only. It's pretty complicated, but basically, there's a big pack of women and men hanging out. The catch is that the number of people of each sex is uneven and new people keep showing up as the weeks go on. During the Rose Ceremony at the end of each episode, members of the opposite sex give out roses to their chosen person, which means whoever isn't picked has to go home. One thing's clear: no matter what the format of the show, once a contestant has been rejected from a Bachelor show, the bloom is really off the rose. Most everyone on this show is a hot mess – or at least that's what the producers want you to think.

This odd set-up means that (as is the case on the Bachelor) the competition to immediately "make a connection" with someone is fierce. That was clearly demonstrated last night, when AshLee thought Clare was trying to steal her chosen person, Graham. AshLee then decided to call Clare "a slut"and remark that she's "not pretty either," though on Twitter Monday night, AshLee clarified that she had been edited poorly and bears no ill-will towards Clare.


Whether Clare heard AshLee or not was unclear, but she definitely went outside to talk/cry to...herself? A producer? The camera? Whoever the intended recipient of her outburst was, the producers of the show edited it to make it look like Clare was talking to a raccoon.

It's almost as if they named the show Paradise as some sort of dark twisted joke...


Aurelius Robles

At least she was making him laugh...