Bacardi Ad Uses Misogyny To Sell Alcohol To Women

A disgusting new promotional site for Bacardi Breezers says all that women need to be more attractive is to find an more unattractive female friend to stand next to.

According to Copyranter, Israeli ad agency McCann Digital launched the "Get An Ugly Girlfriend!" site in Hebrew and English along with a Hebrew-only facebook group to promote the fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages.


The site suggests that like Bacardi Breezers, ugly friends come in several different varieties and women can use them to appear more attractive in social situations, such as at the beach:


Or at the mall:


While misogyny is rampant in alcohol advertising, usually those campaigns are aimed at men. It's unclear why advertisers thought showing pictures of women they deem hideous along with degrading comments would make ladies line up for Bacardi.

Get An Ugly Girlfriend!
Bacardi Says The Hot Accessory This Summer Is An "Ugly Girlfriend" [Copyranter]

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