Baby Survives Fall From Train Toilet

A woman in India recently gave birth inside a train bathroom, but almost lost her newborn when the baby slipped out of her body and straight through the toilet onto the tracks. Does this story sound familiar to anyone else?

It should, because almost the exact same thing happened in February, 2008. Last year, a woman gave birth on a train, passed out, and her baby fell through the chute and onto the tracks, where she lay for almost two hours. The mother and her husband got off at the next station, alerted the guards, and went back to retrieve her miraculously alive child.


This time, the story is a little different. Rinku Rai was on her way with her husband and 4-year-old daughter to stay with relatives. She went into the train bathroom and reports feeling "mild pain," before "the baby came out, chord, placenta and all," she said. "But before I could realize what had happened, it slipped through the hole. I became hysterical, came out of the toilet and jumped from the train." Another passenger on the train assumed that Rai was trying to commit suicide, and she pulled the emergency brake. The train came to a halt a mile from where Rai had lost her baby. When passengers finally found her, Rai was sitting on the tracks, unharmed, cradling her newborn child.

The Independent notes that this is "not the first such incident on an Indian train." Which leaves us with some questions: How can a thing like this happen twice? Do these women not have the proper access to prenatal care? Is it pure coincidence, or a symptom of a larger problem? It's obviously a wonderful, amazing thing that these infants survived such an ordeal, but perhaps the bigger question is how do mothers end up in this position in the first place?

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