Baby Sloths Learn How to Climb and It’s Just as Adorable as You’d Imagine

Let's all hope Kristen Bell hasn't seen this video yet, otherwise her head probably exploded like a balloon overstuffed with adorableness. Until watching this video, I didn't know that sloths made cut chirping noises — I just thought they crawled along in silent, stately contempt for a world incapable of slowing its frenetic pace to enjoy the simpler things in monkey bars.


via Buzzfeed

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Ok, I haven't seen the video yet or read the below comments, but if you can indulge me a moment:

Please, no Debbie Downers chiming in and saying that one of these sloths dies after this video is taken, ok? Someone did that after the sloths in onesies video and it completely pissed me off and bummed out for a long time and ruined the whole thing for me and I'm sure a bunch of other people.

There's so much head-explodey stuff going on in the world, and that gets posted about here on Jez, that I'll take my adorable fluffy stuff pure and unadulterated by reality.

Thank you very much. Carry on.