Baby Otter Is Coerced Into Learning to Swim

This may not be particularly revelatory for you, but I had no idea that otters didn't just know how to swim, considering how slinky and unctuous there are in the water, what with their crafty, sardonic little eyes. I mean, they're just so smug about floating on their backs you'd think swimming was just one of those things they innately know how to do, but it isn't — baby otters hate the water, or at least the baby otter in this video hates the water, until its mom drags it in and holds it under for a while. Great parenting, otters. Have you ever considered that your babies don't want to swim, hmm? Maybe they want to tap dance. Get on that tap dancing otter script, Dreamworks — I hear Elijah Wood is looking for something to do.

via Buzzfeed


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