Baby, I Spiked Your Drink With Sexactivator: Scary Ads From The New Men's Fitness

An observant reader recently directed us to Sexactivator, a deeply disturbing product advertised in the back pages of September's Men's Fitness magazine. According to the ad, "This magical wonder liquid can be taken orally, or put in any drink." Also, "some women say that they love when their man puts a few drops in their favorite drink without them knowing. They say that it turns them on even more." Exciting! The full ad, along with its partner-in-creepiness, Mate Magnet Cologne, after the jump.


Note that Sexactivator is marketed as a product for men to turn on "your woman" — suggesting that a guy slip weird pheromone shit into a stranger's drink is apparently a sleaze-bridge too far. Still, it's hard in a not to assume that some men will use this at bars or parties with women they don't know. Especially when it's touted next to Mate Magnet Cologne. After all, "using pheromones have been proven the most gorgeous women will desire to have you immediately." (Also, using grammar.) The sad thing about these products in general (and yes, there is a sad thing, among many scary and enraging things) is that they bank on the idea that men need products to artificially induce women to like them. This implies not only that women deserve to have their autonomy subverted by chemical agents, but also that men are not enough on their own. Mate Magnet and Sexactivator are sort of like men's versions of wrinkle creams and fat-burning supplements — the opposite sex does not like you as you are, advertisers shout, but they will love you with this snake oil! Men's Fitness [Official Site]

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