Baby Hippo Eating Her First Meal Makes Us Feel All The Feelings

It's a baby hippo, and she doesn't know how to eat yet. Of course, a baby animal figuring out anything is extremely the best. And then, when she gets some food in her mouth successfully, well. Forget it, I'm a goner. The only not wonderful part about this is that hippo baby and mom are in a zoo and not in the wild, trampling people and eating giant marbles.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, and you can hear me now, or you can hear me later, but the baby hippo is the absolute cutest baby animal there is, and I don't want to hear boo from you about it. Unless you have really cute pictures or videos of other baby animals, and then I might entertain you.

Also, if it didn't border on animal cruelty, I'd really love to see some baby hippos play Hungry Hungry Hippos. That is all.


I see your baby hippo, and I raise you . . .

The puggle.

Yours is cute, but mine is smaller, velvetier, and has a better baby name. A hippo calf is just not nearly as adorable.