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Baby Girls On The Black Market

Illustration for article titled Baby Girls On The Black Market

China's one child policy coupled with the cultural preference for boys has lead to a serious shortage of baby girls. One horrible solution? Baby bride trafficking. In recent years, gangs have begun kidnapping young girls and selling them to families that want brides for their sons. [Salon & Times]


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Mama Penguino

And so you know, Mr. P and I are more than likely going to have to remove our application to adopt a sister for Little P next year. We've been on the waiting list for years and given the slow rate of referrals (and getting slower by the minute), our best hope is an adoption date in late 2016, which will be impossible for everyone. Why, oh, why won't the Chinese government at least make sure some of its girls get to families who want to provide them with a life? And please, please do not reply by telling me how selfish I am that I won't adopt a 10-year-old boy with MS and Tourette's. I just can't go there today. Let me sit here miserably trying to tell myself that the girl who would have been Little P the Second will find a wonderful family.