Baby Giraffe Stays Within Mom's Reach

Illustration for article titled Baby Giraffe Stays Within Moms Reach

[Germany, February 22: Giraffe Magoma, right, born two weeks ago, and his mother Koobi, stand in their enclosure in the Cologne Zoo. Image via AP.]


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untangler of threads

Oh my god, did Jezebel read my mind or something?! On the way to work today, I was suddenly overcome with the desire to see photos of giraffes, particularly baby giraffes (no, this is not at all a regular thing for me). I entertained myself the whole way there with thoughts of strange, beautiful giraffes with their incredible long necks. Ones I'd seen in real life, ones I'd seen in magazines, and imaginary ones I created in my head. I promised to later reward myself for making it through what was certain to be a shitty day with a google binge on giraffes, but of course, when I got out of the car, I promptly forgot about giraffes. Then tonight I come and find giraffes, particularly baby giraffes, awaiting me here. Epic.