Baby Experiment Proves Where The Wild Things Are Won't Scare Kids

To squash rumors that at test screenings Where The Wild Things Are terrified children, a YouTube user filmed a baby enjoying the trailer (clip at left). How do we know this baby isn't a Saw IV fan? [N.Y. Magazine]


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It's a GOOD thing to let your kids get scared sometimes, too. I don't mean trying to terrorize them, but getting scared by a movie or a book? That's healthy. It's a good "life lesson" about fear.

Experience is a big part of growing up, healthily. Obviously we shoudln't be shoving kids in front of lion cages to get them to understand fear...but a movie or a book that's about working through that kind of thing? That's a good and important thing to learn.

I dunno, I'm just discouraged by a lot of this weirdly over-protective parenting. Ultimately, I think it does more damage.