Baby Echidnas Are Cute and Terrifying All at Once

Echidnas, it's true, are weird. Male echidnas have terrifying, four-pronged fork penises, while female echidnas have "milk patches" instead of nipples. They all have prehensile (seeming) claws, and infant echidnas are, by any standard, objective definition, hideous. Still, the echidna looks like the older character in a children's book about woodland creatures fending off an evil steamshovel that walks around with a cane, wears pince-nez, and, while serious meetings about the imminent steam shovel threat are being conducted in a hollowed out log, unhelpfully interrupts the proceedings to offer each character in turn some of its homemade fig cakes. Only when the creatures have run out of other ideas do they eat the fig cakes, realizing immediately that the cakes temporarily grant them super strength with which they can fend off mechanized interlopers and preserve their virgin dell.



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doug, your misplaced modifiers are going to make me lose my mind. HOW COULD A STEAM SHOVEL WEAR PINCE-NEZ?