A parent recklessly endangering an infant by leaving him unattended, this time in the bath? Tragically typical. But wait, she was playing Facebook games. This, folks, is a crime of our times.

Shannon Johnson, 34, was playing Cafe World and checking status updates while her 13-month-old son was in the bath. The baby died of anoxic brain injury, cardiac arrest and drowning. If convicted, she could face up to 48 years in prison.


More twisted than what was distracted her was what she told investigators about why the baby was left alone in the first place:

"She started doing this when he really wanted to be left alone; he was a very independent baby. She also said she knew what it was like to be told no, she didn't want her baby to be told no and didn't want him to be known as a mama's boy."

Pick your malaise: Permissive parenting, fear of being a "mama's boy," Facebook. We personally would like to crawl into a hole for awhile.

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