If you follow some of the gossip that comes from the UK, you may be familiar with the "glamour model" known as Jordan. Her real name is Katie Price and her claims to fame include: having enormous implants; dating footballers; appearing in Playboy; being a general trainwreck; and now, naming her newborn daughter "Princess Tiiàamii". Anyway, Jordan is 29 years old with three kids from two different fathers. Big deal, right? Consider the following: As reported in The Sun, one of her fans, Sasha Bennington, is so obsessed with Jordan that she bleaches her hair, sports extensions, plucks her eyebrows, has acrylic nails, gets spray tans and wears Jordan-esque makeup. Also? Sasha is 11 years old.

You may be thinking, "how could her mother let her do this?" Here's your answer: Sasha's "mum" says those who criticize Sasha are just jealous!" They're just do-gooders who probably have fat kids that they can't do anything with." Sasha and her mom often dress alike — matching mini skirts and furry boots. "I don't see anything wrong with her showing her midriff," Sasha's mom says. "It's just skin." Also: Sasha's bedroom is decorated with a Playboy pillows and she has Playboy pajamas because "she likes the bunny." A reporter from The Sun asked Sasha what her life would be like if she wasn't pretty. "My mum would just call me ugly," Sasha said. "Everyone would call me ugly. I wouldn't like that at all." Finally! Dina Lohan — or this mom — has competition for Worst Mother Of The Millenium!

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