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Babies At The Office: Distracting Or Delightful?

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Bring your daughter to work day is well, any day ending in "-day" for some companies. According to The Guardian, over 80 U.S. companies allow new parents to bring babies to work anytime they want. This information comes from a non-profit organization called Parenting At Work, and a quick perusal of the companies that allow babies at the office shows that most of those workplaces are baby-oriented anyway; for instance, Kangaroo Kids, a retail store for children, maternity and breastfeeding, allows its employees to bring babies to work. But what about bringing a baby to the office when you're a cubicle slave? The Guardian asked three writers who are also new parents to bring their babies to the office, and hilarity ensued.


Of bringing son Thurston to the office, Zoe Williams explains that she wasn't able to search online for something important up because "I am using my Google hand to prop up this baby." Rice cakes get smooshed into keyboards, babies start yodeling in meetings, and everything takes three times longer than it would normally.

It makes sense that in the U.S., where women on the whole do not get paid maternity leave, new parents would be looking for creative solutions to the working mother conundrum, though bringing mewling, puking newborns to the office doesn't really seem like much of a solution for anyone involved.


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Bringing Babies To Work

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Spaceman Bill Leah

I did have the bebeh visit me at work once. However, everyone kept asking me when he'd be coming in. My husband was also here to supervise. Oh, and we were all busy playing mini golf on holes that we had created at our desks.

I kind of love my job.