Ba-Hawk Obama? Please God Just End This Campaign Already...

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  • Wyoming caucus tomorrow! Obama is expected to win. Because it's the home state of his distant cousin Dick Cheney? Nah, but I thought I'd use this bizarre picture anyway. [AP, Rolling Stone]
  • I couldn't exactly run another Samantha Power pic. But here she is in the news again, talking about how that whole sixteen month plan is unrealistic and stupid or something that will no doubt be spun 47.5 different ways. [Politico]
  • Employers cut more jobs in February than they have in five years. What sector was hit the hardest? Ummmmm, all of them! [Yahoo!]
  • Ooooh, look, a fun ranking of corporate America's fifty biggest single paydays! [Vanity Fair]
  • Speaking of! Virginia Rep. Tom Davis valiantly came to their recipients' defense today in Congress, because cross-examining the warmhearted captains of industry behind the mortgage crisis is really just like sacrificing virgins. [Wonkette]
  • Speaking semi- also of! Obama campaign manager David Plouffe wants to see Clinton's tax returns, suggests she try out the photocopying services at Kinko's. [Wash Post]
  • Marion Jones went to jail. [People]
  • Michigan Senator Carl Levin thinks everyone should just forget the fuck about his disenfranchised voters already. [CNN]
  • OMG Chinese army-trained hackers NO ONE IS SAFE. [CNN]
  • Italian adulteresses are now officially allowed to lie about their affairs to protect their reputations. No word on adulterers, but it's apparently a refreshing change of pace for the Court of Cassation, which once issued that a woman could not be raped by definition if she was wearing tight jeans, since the jeans could only be removed with her consent. . [BBC]
  • All that time it was the Clinton campaign that wanted to reassure the Canadians about NAFTA, not the Obama campaign! What a silly mix-up. [MSNBC]
  • Hey! Remember that time you were almost a Democrat, John McCain. No, not that time, the time when Kerry wanted you for a running mate...Well alright then! [Real Clear Politics]
  • "Pillow talk??? Girl, I need to have someone come and clean up all the feathers from our pillow fights!" An excerpt from Dyson v. Dyson, wherein a Clinton supporter marries an Obama supporter. [The Root]
  • Belarus is kicking out our ambassador. I know, right? I didn't know that we'd imposed economic sanctions on Belarus, charging that the national gas company is tacitly controlled by its increasingly brutal dictator Alexander Lukashenko either. But like, it sounds pretty plausible, huh? [Wash Post]


Just so we're clear on the News Roundup here, Moe...

Clinton's team never spoke to the Canadian government and when that rumor was floated around in the last couple of days, HRC gave blanket immunity to the Canadian government to release the name of anyone, if anyone they talked to within the Clinton campaign. The Canadian government and the PM have now verified that no one in the Clinton camp ever spoke with them.

The part where it made Obama look bad is that he originally said no meeting whatsoever took place. When it was verified by Canada and CTV that indeed their had been a meeting, the Obama camp then said the meeting wasn't properly reported as to what had actually taken place. The only reason it burned the Obama campaign a little bit was because of his original no meeting took place assertion...which turned out to not be true.

Just so we're clear y'all.

Also, Marion Jones. Sadness. :( What a talent.