Azealia Banks' New Song Just Wants to Shake It Off

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People usually associate Harlem-bred rapper Azealia Banks with incisive lyricism and battle-honed lyrics, but there's so much else going on there.


She's always courted house music and put it down with the belted choruses, influenced by Uptown vogue styles and the classic club era of her babyhood. (1991, anyone?) On her new track "Chasing Time," though, she stomps out her place as a true-blue house diva, giving wistful harmonies and the kind of break-up/empowerment anthem you wanna hear at a soulful house night at like 2:30 AM. House music is at peak trendhump, especially in the UK, but this track just underscores how much of it is missing actual soul. The chorus: "Am I chasing time 'cause I wasted all mine on you?" Feel you, girl, get yours, keep it moving.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Um I love this. I love this more than the new Kendrick.