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Azealia Banks Feels She Has Received "Too Much Attention" From the "Fickle" Fashion Industry

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Azealia Banks has some harsh — but perhaps not entirely inaccurate? — words about the fashion industry. The rapper says in a new interview that she thinks too much fashion industry attention can actually hurt, not help, a recording artist:

"If you place your faith in the fashion world you will get let down as an artist. You absolutely will get let down...I think that too much fashion attention as an artist can actually smother you, and it can actually really, really distract form your music. I almost got there with it where — I was this fashion darling. And I was putting out records and the only record anyone would listen to was '212,' that was the only Azealia Banks record people would listen to."


We were pretty much totally Team Banks on this one — let's not pretend that fashion brands try to associate themselves with musicians for noble reasons, they just care about whose young star is rising (but let's also not pretend that musicians get nothing out of the business arrangement) — until she started talking about how when she takes money from brands like Alexander Wang and ASOS, it's totally different. Associating your image with a fashion brand can hurt you, says Banks — unless it's authentic. "I really like Alexander Wang, I really shop at ASOS," so working with them, you see, "makes sense." [Fashionista, Hypetrak]

Illustration for article titled Azealia Banks Feels She Has Received Too Much Attention From the Fickle Fashion Industry

Karlie Kloss was officially Vogue's most-photographed model of 2012. The Chicago-born 20-year-old appeared in nine original editorials for various of the magazine's 19 international editions. Including syndication of those editorials in other editions, she had a total of 20 issues. She had covers of Vogue U.K., Vogue Australia, Vogue Korea, and Vogue Japan. [Fashionista]

Illustration for article titled Azealia Banks Feels She Has Received Too Much Attention From the Fickle Fashion Industry

Anna Wintour spent the holidays in Houston with her longtime partner, the Texan telecommunications billionaire Shelby Bryan. Someone took a blurry photograph of the editor at a local supermarket and put it on the Internet, because that's the world we live in now. [CultureMap]

  • Stella McCartney has been awarded an Order of the British Empire on the Queen's New Year honors list. [Vogue UK]

    Council of Fashion Designers of America C.E.O. Steven Kolb married his partner Jay Inkpen, a freelance producer, last week. If you follow Kolb on Instagram, you know that they're currently honeymooning in snowy Niagara Falls (and looking at all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Buffalo). Kolb wore Rag & Bone to the wedding, at City Hall, and Inkpen wore J. Crew. [P6, @StevenKolb]

    Male model Cesar Casier collected recipes from a bunch of top models and put them in a book:

    "Everybody loves models. Everyone's obsessed with how they look and how they dress and everybody thinks we don't eat, which is total bullshit. So I thought ‘Yeah maybe I should make a book about that!' Model Kitchen is the result."

  • So, uh, if you want to learn how to make Lily Donaldson's kale salad or Karlie Kloss's mango salsa, now's your chance. [Fashionista]

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Hmmmm. Hey Azealia. I'm pretty sure it's not the fashion industry's fault nobody likes any of your songs except '212'. Fashion endorsements sound like a pretty good career plan B.

At least you have that option, unlike poor Kreayshawn, who trashed the fashion industry with her one good song. Maybe they need someone for Adderall commercials or something.