Axe, our favorite men's funk-in-a-can with with sexist advertising, has hit Japan, reports AdRants. The ad's narrative is in Japanese but easy to comprehend: Four Japanese chicks (one's bookish, one is a high-school student, one is athletic and one is a tiara-wearing socialite type) have secret identities as pink-clad "Axebusters." They're led by a white woman in a skintight business suit on a mission to track down guys using Axe, so that innocent women won't fall prey to the scent, which apparently makes women weak. The women wear "Axe guards" — clips on their noses. In the accompanying video game, a player must "hunt" women and "shoot" his Axe scent at their faces, knocking off the nose clip and rendering them paralyzed with adoration. We probably don't need to point out that the Axe bottle is phallic in shape. [AdRants,]