Axe has a long and storied history of ridiculousness, and as far as offensive commercials go, this one is far from the worst, but it's like their entire advertising team* has never met a woman. Or, they purposefully act like they ever have, but maybe that's because Axe is meant for pubescent stink-machines who use their allowance to buy baby-cologne at Walgreens? Actually, keeping that in mind, this stuff is being marketed perfectly. Carry on!

In their latest commercial, this woman can't stop, won't stop cuddling a little dude with a cartoon villain mustache. He already rocked her world the night before, why doesn't she understand that now he needs to play video games with his bros? However, the creepiest part is when he gets a saw out to cut her arm off... hahaha what? Thankfully, before he must resort to dismembering her, he finds an inflatable plastic chest pillow that he's able to switch places with. Which, honestly, is probably what that dude feels like, so it's actually the only part of the commercial I buy.


It has a Weekend at Bernies quality to it, am I right? I'm about ninety percent sure she's dead.

p.s. bag of sand!

[via Business Week]