Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae Is Here and Taking Your Questions

If you're not yet familiar with the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl — which, according to the venerable New York Times, is "strikingly bold" and "full of sharp, pointillist humor that's extremely refreshing" — do take a moment to check it out. Once you've fallen in love (which shouldn't take more than three minutes), hurry back on over to this here post because the show's talented creator and star, Ms. Issa Rae, is here — ready and waiting! — to talk about whatever you like. Comedy, entertainment, puppies, Dostoyevsky...anything goes.


Put on your thinking caps and start submitting your questions now; Issa will tackle them at 2:30 EDT.

Issa Rae has left the building and this interview is now closed. Thanks to everyone for a great discussion.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Issa, thanks so much for being here. Now that you're famous for being an admittedly awkward person, do you find that your awkwardness has abated or intensified? Do people approach you expecting awkwardness? Are they ever disappointed with a smooth interaction?