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Awkward BBC Interviewer Chris Stark Is a Living Christopher Guest Skit

Chris Stark, that BBC Radio 1 interogator who made the universe cringe when he awkwardly interviewed a remarkably gracious Mila Kunis, is up to his old tricks, this time interviewing Jennifer Aniston ahead of the UK release of We’re the Millers. Spoiler alert: this interview is just awkward. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t pull a Kunis and toss Stark the lifesaver, and one begins to wonder at about the three-minute mark if Stark’s complete tactlessness is just a put-on. Is he just a Christopher Guest troupe member in disguise? Is that you, Ed Begley, Jr., in young person’s makeup?


via Just Jared

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I love his question about "famouses" having a list of 5 normal people they could sleep with.

And something about Ms. Aniston is reminding me of Barbra Streisand. (I mean that as a total compliment, btw.)