Any political candidate that was thinking of maybe producing the awesomest, most gif-able campaign ad of the 2012 election season better step up their game: aspiring President of the Alabama Public Service Commission Kathy Peterson has just released a show stopper of a shit show of an ad.

Peterson's cowboy hat and reflective shades- wearing husband Dale Peterson kicks off the spot by introducing his wife as his partner and best friend. And then, onto Kathy.

Kathy means business. She's ready to rock, roll, and rule. And she gives a rip about Alabama.

What she lacks in a regionally neutral accent, she makes up for in enthusiasm and disdain for all those career politicians who just pussyfoot around with their namby pamby ambitions and corn pissin' codswallop. She also excels in folksy slang. I'm not sure what she's selling me, but I feel like I better at least sign up for the newsletter.

There are two moments wherein this ad breaks into the stratosphere of amazing, like it's the preview for the new Will Ferrell project about a gun-toting Alabama couple with an indivisible marriage and local political aspirations. One of those moments comes at about 1:14, where Kathy is so excited about making disdainful air quotes around the word "perfect" that her hands can't help but creep into position several seconds before they're needed. The second moment comes at the very end, when Dale reminds us that if you try to steal his wife's campaign signs, he'll shoot you with his big shiny gun. Then they get into their glistening truck and drive away, where they'll live happily ever after.


This is the greatest love story of our time.

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