Awesome Oregon Girl Barred From B-Ball With The Boys

Jaime Nared is 12 years old. She's also 6'1'' and a basketball player scoring 30 points a game, but instead of being heralded as the next big thing, Jaime is getting kicked off her team. You see, she was playing on a private boys' team in Oregon, and the parents of opposing players, citing a rule against mixed gender teams, got Jaime tossed out of the league, which is known as "The Hoop." According to ABC News, her teammates wrote letters to the The Hoop asking for Jaime to be reinstated, but to no avail. Joey Alfieri, one of her peers, told ABC, "Her greatness ... sprinkles off and goes onto us…[It] makes us better as a player too." Aww. Even though she's still in middle school, Jaime has already been offered a scholarship to Oregon State. "I don't understand why they wouldn't want me to play with them, just because I am a girl," Jaime told ABC. We wish we had a satisfying answer for you, Jaime! Clip above.


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