Marthazon is a 70-year-old grandmother who's also a guildmaster in World of Warcraft. In an interview with WoW Insider, she explains that while her daughter got her into WoW, she's been a tech nerd forever:

Computers have long been a part of my life. My father worked with early computers for the GSA as a data programmer after he retired from the Army in the '50s, and I've always been fascinated by the technology. My last job before retiring was computer tracking a large fleet of commercial trucks and their deliveries. I helped design the in-house program to track the data we needed to maintain, and I acted as the office IT.

This lady sounds rad. Also, she makes a pretty good case for WoW as a cool โ€” and even healthy โ€” hobby for retired people:

Living on a fixed income, World of Warcraft provides a lot of entertainment that is fun and affordable. At the same time the game doesn't require using the car, fighting traffic, crowds, or weather, buying tickets or paying fees. I have to think about what I am doing in game. I'm not a couch potato just watching a cartoon on the TV.

Neither is her husband. Marthazon explains,

I'm not the oldest, by the way, in my guild. That honor goes to my husband, who is 72. He doesn't like to raid, however. He is our AH king, keeping our raiders in repair gold. WoW is an excellent and inexpensive recreational outlet for us old codgers. A lot less expensive than golf.


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