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Awesome Girl Becomes UK’s ‘Top Young Scientist of the Year’

Illustration for article titled Awesome Girl Becomes UK’s ‘Top Young Scientist of the Year’

Not only 17-year-old was Kirtana Vallabhaneni named the UK's "Top Young Scientist of the Year" for her research identifying harmful cells that potentially cause pancreatic cancer, she beat out three other young women at Birmingham's Big Bang Fair, a fact that suggests growing opportunities for women in science-related fields.


The fair is open to 11-18 year-olds who have completed science, technology, engineering, or math projects. Vallabhaneni was understandably pleased with her success and did not fail to notice the female-dominated competition she was up against.

The fact four finalists were female shows that there are strong opportunities for women in science and it proves they don't have to follow convention and stereotypes.


Stereotypes? But whatever do you mean, Ms. Vallabhaneni? Who would ever think something so preposterous as women not being able to compete with men in math and science-related fields? Oh, that's right, small-minded people, which, unfortunately certain parts of the world, ahem, America, seem to be teeming with lately.

West Kirby student named UK's top young scientist [BBC]

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There are still stereotypes to contend with, sad to say. Hell, there are people in my own family who think I need to be birthin' babies and stop this science schtick.

That being said, loads of kudos to this girl (and her peers). I wish them all stellar, sciencetacular careers.