Aw, Poor Chris Brown Is Feeling Crucified

Sensitive soul Chris Brown is using the time in the wake of his parking lot row with Frank Ocean for a little introspection. Good! Breezy seems like the type who could probably benefit from a good think. Maybe he can consider his actions and how they affect others. Maybe he can think about what it is that keeps pulling him into situations where he finds himself punching people or throwing tantrums. Or maybe he can spend the time making shitty paintings about how he feels crucified, much like one Jesus Christ. Guess which one he decided to go with?

Yesterday, Brown posted the above painting with the caption "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!" to his Instagram account. So today, Chris Brown feels like Jesus. Only one problem — Jesus never beat his girlfriend to a bloody pulp after the Grammys, threw a chair through the window at Good Morning America or (allegedly) jumped one of the most beloved R&B singers around these days. Still, I'll give Chris this — both he and JC do have terribly devoted mothers.

Chris Brown, Frank Ocean Caught Not Fighting On Tape, But Chris Feels Crucified Nonetheless [VH1]

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