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The Book of Jezebel: We're Putting It Down for Californ-i-a

Illustration for article titled emThe Book of Jezebel/em: Were Putting It Down for Californ-i-a

We just got some great news: A few of us will be visiting the West Coast this fall to coincide with the publication of The Book of Jezebel.


Those in Northern California should put October 29th on their calendars: That’s when Anna Holmes, Jessica Coen and some special guests will be appearing at Books, Inc. in San Francisco’s Marina District. On November 6, we’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove in LA with writer Amanda Hess and others. We’d love to see all of you. (Other cities and event information can be found here.)


For those unfamiliar with the endeavor, the 288-page book is an illustrated encyclopedia of the world as seen through the sensibility of the site, i.e. its editors, writers and readers. There’s some good stuff inside: Funny contributions from friends old and new; lovingly-rendered images and drawings of everyone and everything from Fiona Apple to follicular annoyances (the latter of which is helpfully illustrated below — did we mention the book has awesome art? Yeah? Okay).

Illustration for article titled emThe Book of Jezebel/em: Were Putting It Down for Californ-i-a

You can – and should – preorder the book here.

(You can also follow the book’s rollout on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or this lovely website.)

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Official Witch of Los Angeles

Aw man! I think all these years of expressing my unflappable hatred of The Grove on Gawker sites is now coming back to bite me in the ass. Any idea if this is going to be during the day or at night?

Might I suggest if you all are going to go out in LA, you don't do it on the Westside or anywhere near the Grove? Come to Silver Lake; we're cool and low key and rad.