The Boy Scouts of America, in their continuing quest to act like shitty bizarro world Girl Scouts, have ousted a den mother from her son's troop after finding out that she was a lesbian. Guess they didn't want her to accidentally spill some gay on the boys' crisply ironed khaki colored tucked in shirts, high socks, and floppy neck ties.

Ohioan and Lezzy McLez Von Lesbian Jennifer Tyrrell became involved in the Boy Scouts after her son joined, and for over a year had held the position of den mother. After being elected treasurer of her pack (which is bigger than a den, but, uh, smaller than a gaggle or flock or rookery or convocation or other animal group words the Boy Scouts are calling their subgroups of future homophobes), she discovered what she described in a statement to GLAAD as "inconsistencies" in the pack's finances. Shortly after reporting her findings, she was asked to resign.

The Boy Scouts of America insist that the decision had nothing to do with her discovery and everything to do with the fact that she's a lady who kisses and holds hands and stuff with other ladies. Ohio River Valley scout executive Bob Drury explained it thusly: "We do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avow homosexuals. The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to develop a character and leadership skills and youth of today to become leaders of tomorrow. And anything that distracts from that mission distracts from what our program is."

Is anyone else's gaydar going crazy right now?

Anyway, Tyrrell is appealing the group's dick move, and a petition in support of Tyrrell has gathered about 1,100 signatures. Not that it will make any difference to the scouts; as the Huffington Post points out, they've really gone out of their way to act like intolerant jerks when it comes to accepting gay people. In February of 2004, they added this to their membership guidelines,

Boy Scouts of America believes that homosexual conduct is inconsistent with the obligations in the Scout Oath and Scout Law to be morally straight and clean in thought, word, and deed. The conduct of youth members must be in compliance with the Scout Oath and Law, and membership in Boy Scouts of America is contingent upon the willingness to accept Scouting's values and beliefs. Most boys join Scouting when they are 10 or 11 years old. As they continue in the program, all Scouts are expected to take leadership positions. In the unlikely event that an older boy were to hold himself out as homosexual, he would not be able to continue in a youth leadership position.


You have to wonder what lessons a group that openly promotes intolerance is teaching young men. Instead of stubbornly fighting to preserve attitudes that hold young men back in a world that's increasingly leaving antiquated prejudices behind, perhaps the Scouts should consider keeping open and avowed homophobes out or risk gay panicking themselves even further out of relevance.

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