We've been wearing Maybelline Great Lash mascara since we were old enough to steal from the Rite-Aid, but it still comes as no shock to us that some make-up companies participate in a lil' thing called false advertising — except most of them don't get caught. Avon, the great-grandma of cosmetic companies (and grandma really should know better), is accused of advertising its Bright Eye Duo - which claims to make eyelashes appear 65% longer - with a false eyelash-wearing model. (Hey, haven't we heard this before?) Consumers spotted the falsies in the company's ads and tattled on them to the Advertising Standard Authority, which decided that though the product did give the ladies longer lashes, it didn't achieve the alleged 65% (where the fuck do they get these "percentages"?) increase without a lil' help the Tammy Faye way. Well duh! Avon is hardly the first to employ drag queen artistry in their ads, they were just too stupid to make sure the crusty eye lash glue wasn't visible in high-res! Cosmetics Ad Is Lashed By ASA [BBCNews]
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