Ava DuVernay Says There Was 'Nothing Surprising' About Tarantino's Selma Diss

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In response to Quentin Tarantino’s comment that Selma should’ve been nominated for an Emmy instead of an Oscar, Ava DuVernay says that sounds like something Tarantino would say.


In a T Magazine profile in October, Tarantino said that the Oscar-nominated Selma was more deserving of an Emmy, altogether slighting the film by categorizing it as a TV movie. He later added that he’d never seen it and clarified: “When I said it, it was more like a question.” This was the same interview where Tarantino also victimized himself and bashed black movie critics for their assessments of Django Unchained.

When (presumably) asked about Tarantino’s comments, DuVernay took an excellent slight dig, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I was surprised by how surprised everyone was. When you look at his work and his persona, there’s nothing surprising about what he said. But it didn’t bother me like so many assumed it would.”


You fail to surprise me is possibly the perfect response.

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He’s a hack that recycles old ideas, shocks with violence and continues to objectify women and promote shit stereotypes of people of colour. His hubris and delusions of grandeur are nauseating. Sit the fuck down and STFU already, QT.