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Auto Industry Bailout Is Out And So Are Some Prominent Women For Obama

Illustration for article titled Auto Industry Bailout Is Out And So Are Some Prominent Women For Obama
  • Democrats have officially told the American auto industry to give them a plan for how they are going to us the $25 billion they want from the U.S. government or they're never going to get it. So the auto makers are getting back on their multimillion dollar corporate jets and will spend the next few weeks huddling with their expensive lobbyists to figure out how to not look like assholes the next time. [Huffington Post]
  • Penny Pritzker is definitely not in the running to be Secretary of Commerce, probably because she couldn't have her cake and regulate it, too. [Washington Post]
  • Anita Dunn will also not be joining the Administration, but it's far less clear as to why, except for the part where she plans to go back to political consulting. [Washington Post]
  • And Obama's people are a little steamed at the Clinton team for leaking like a sieve, since they were apparently not paying attention for the entirety of the Clinton Administration and Hillary Clinton's campaign. [NY Daily News]
  • Obama's state director in Iowa, Jackie Norris, is going to be Michelle Obama's Chief of Staff. [Washington Post]
  • And Henry Waxman successfully stole Michigan Congressman John Dingell's gavel today and will be the new Chairman of the House Energy And Commerce Committee. The automakers cried in their single malt scotches in their limos on the way to the airports to take their private jets back to their luxurious mansions. [CNN]
  • John Zogby, who was perfectly happy to take Nate Silver baiter John Ziegler's money for a crap poll showing Obama's voters were supposedly ill-informed, won't take any more of Ziegler's money to prove whether McCain voters were or were not. Amazing that, after yesterday, Ziegler found someone to look like more of a dipshit than him. [Politico]
  • The prosecutor in Texas who got Cheney indicted this week didn't show up for court today. Maybe he went duck hunting? [UPI]
  • Rahm Emanuel says that Obama is, like, totally happy to listen to the Republicans' ideas of how to solve the financial crisis and his head didn't even explode in pent-up rage. Hot. [Politico]

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