Brussels police have identified two suicide bombers responsible for the terrorist attack at an airport and a metro station that killed 34 and wounded over 200 on Tuesday. They are still searching for the third man responsible.

Two of the attackers are Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, according to Belgium’s state broadcaster, which failed to name its source. El Bakraoui had rented an apartment under a fake name that had brought investigators to Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in the recent Paris attacks who was arrested on Friday. Authorities reportedly believe that Abdeslam is in the same terrorist cell connected to the Brussels attack.

According to Reuters, both brothers have criminal records for armed robbery but had not previously been connected to the Islamic State. They died in the attacks.

An image from the airport’s CCTV shows a third suspect who is currently at large, pushing a baggage trolly alongside two suspected suicide bombers:


The Associated Press reports:

One of the men pictured at the airport is at large [in white]. Authorities have not identified him, but Belgian newspaper DH reported that he might be Najim Laachraoui, whom Belgian authorities have been searching for since last week as a suspected accomplice of Abdeslam.

Laachraoui is believed to have made the suicide vests used in the Paris attacks, a French police official told The Associated Press, adding that Laachraoui’s DNA was found on all of the vests as well as in a Brussels apartment where they were made.


Belgian authorities had once claimed to have arrested Laachraoui, but later reported they had misidentified the man in custody.

The Brussels Airport is still closed.

Images via AP.