Stassa Edwards
Features Editor
Apr 2

Seriously, All Creatures Great and Small, what was with men in their coats and ties pulling calves? Save the poor housekeeper some laundry and strip down. 

Dec 29

As one RN to another, I agree. Although it’s often well meaning, to call RNs or any healthcare worker “angels” or “heroes” is just another way to dehumanize us. It allows people to think we’re all super human, and therefore going to be ok and “rise above.” The subtext also being we don’t need better pay or working Read more

Dec 29

as a nurse (Nurse Anesthetist) in Texas, I thank you for this piece and these words. 

Dec 17

Bear Cam really got me through the tough time of being an essential worker that had to come in the office with no work to do because everything else was shut down.

Nov 19

Asking you to provide a list of things that would make good gifts for you and your husband is asking you to do the emotional labor of caring and being interested that your in-laws could, and don’t, do.
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Oct 14

I’ll give Duke Nicholson this. Even in a photo with a pretty dumb look on his face, he still has excellent hair. 

Sep 28

my daughter gets paid $20/hour to watch her former HS teacher’s kindergartener while she learns and the mom teaches. I don’t know what the mom is going to do once my daughter leaves but I also can’t help thinking of the teachers who are doing double duty without help, as well as the really little kids who maybe are Read more

Aug 25

If you don’t know the kind of women to whom Kim is relatable, I envy you. There’s a lot of ignorant shouty women out there (who value their own irreverence and see their toleration of Trump’s glaring character flaws as evidence of their own political pragmatism and general “open-mindedness”) and she is yelling right Read more

Aug 14

So judging from the comments on here, there’s just not really a way to offer criticism of a Democratic ticket (which I’m voting for.) You just can’t do it or you personally want Trump to reign forever. Even if it’s not so much criticism as it is personal feelings surrounding something you are told is supposed to mean Read more

Aug 14

Yes. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone their excitement over Harris’s selection. I think representation genuinely matters and is important. Also, from a purely political standpoint, she’s a great pick. Read more

Jun 5

I have to say, as a person whose parents are fresh off the boat and who is not part of one of the more popular Christian denominations, this piece is spot on. I have never heard the people of any other (largely) Christian country go on and on about Jesus the way Americans do. The irony being that the true god in this Read more

May 19

I am a Sittenfeld superfan — I’ve read everything since Prep — so there’s no way I’m not going read this too. She did a good job with American Wife, but that was waaaaaay more speculative (not just different names, but different details, from the president’s family’s birth order to their home state to the first family Read more

Apr 8 2020

Thank you.  We don’t always know we’re doing the right thing for our kids. We just try our best! This time, I happened to do the right thing! 

Apr 8 2020

This is easily the best in this series. I can’t even imagine going so long without holding my LO. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. Read more

Apr 8 2020

Bri, you are an outstanding mother and community member. I’m so glad you’re recovering. You are a role model for everyone.

Mar 30 2020

The chapter which describes a horse at war is scathing, with Sewell’s entire Quaker feeling aroused against it. When you look at Victorian literature, and especially children’s literature, war is generally presented as something ennobling and worthy. I don’t think I’ve read anything as scathing about battle written Read more

Mar 30 2020

I read anything horse related as a girl; Marguerite Henry, those riding club chapter books (can’t think of the series), but especially Black Beauty. I was shocked as an adult to reread and realize it was basically Uncle Tom’s cabin for horses. I got mad as a kid that movies changed things, but damn they must have had Read more