Sarah Seltzer
5/25/17 3:39PM

Yes! And I feel like for all but the wildest of us, there were at least lengthy periods where our romantic activity mostly involved frantically checking our emails/ims.

7/06/16 4:04PM

I actually do think I had mild anxiety/depression in the middle of my pregnancy and it was certainly part of the problem.

2/02/16 5:22PM

Oh goody, I got my TDAP vaccine this morning! Playing right into the hands of the vast conspiracy, as always.

1/26/16 4:46PM

Yes, maternity jeans are everything great, and I have no idea why they haven’t transitioned to the rest of the population.

1/26/16 4:29PM

I have *also* heard this, but there are fewer easily accessible Target stores in my area of the city and the one I know of is often overrun. But maybe next time, if there is one!

1/08/13 9:32AM

It's too bad Julian Fellowes didn't know what to do with Sybil after marrying her off to Branson, but the harem pants, the getting the maid a job as a secretary, and the "leaving her rich family behind and not kvetching" pretty much give her the win

9/07/12 6:13PM

Interesting. Does it go into all the second generation stuff? I've never seen a movie adaptation get that right.

6/06/12 3:03PM

I went to Horace Mann in the 90s and in fact became a feminist agitator there... because there were lots of lingering issues from its days as an all-boys school, but I had no idea that this was one of them. The alumni community is reeling.

8/17/11 1:10PM

If he were a REAL teenage vamp, he would have just watched over her while she slept night after night and assured her that despite his overwhelming thirst, he would never bite her.

6/03/11 6:44PM

Even though I don't super-adore her music, I truly think her badass iconoclasm is underrated. I also feel like she was doing interesting things with distorting her body and de-sexifying herself in her videos before Lady Gaga did.

5/23/11 11:24AM

I'll join you both in a three-way agreement on this being disappointing. ;)

4/06/11 11:20AM

You beat me to it... "From all that I can collect by your manner of talking, you must be two of the silliest girls in the country. I have suspected it some time, but I am now convinced."