Rich Juzwiak
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7/16/20 8:56PM


Picture it, Los Angeles, 2006. I had just moved here literally the day before. I saw a listing in probably backstage or something about a model open call, so I go. It’s at the Crowne Plaza in West LA, where parking was like $50 a day or something, so I park at this lot across the street, thinking, Read more

4/14/17 5:57PM

This was played over and over at my grandma’s funeral (because she was from Florida, I guess). It was terrible and makes much more sense in a birthday setting, or any other setting that doesn’t include a corpse.

4/14/17 5:37PM

Did it give you vibes? Were they “island vibes,” maybe, even?

8/19/16 5:07PM

I didn’t mean to call you out! I was just expressing my general dismay with people. Asian men who aren’t interested in fucking me, for example.

8/19/16 2:29PM

I definitely want to see this film. Honestly, I think there are lots of strides to make in how Asian men are depicted sexually in western films. They are either serious & asexual or harboring a pathological perversion. Either way - they are unapproachable archetypes and not people. Read more

6/23/16 4:27PM

Aw, cheers to that! Really, I appreciate that a lot. I’ve followed your writing since your Project Runway recap days, and I still do. “Pessimistic” wasn’t exactly a criticism, but there’s a lot of nostalgia for me that’s associated with fourfour. It’s unreasonable to expect our favorite writers (or any creative

5/13/16 3:15PM

Latin Freestyle was hugely popular with the Asian-American population of the SF Bay Area during the 80's.

5/13/16 3:09PM

I used to think the lyrics of Noel’s, “Silent Morning” was:
Cause I am horny.. I wake up and you’re not by my side.

Also another one of my faves:

5/13/16 2:46PM

I’m a musician in Las Vegas, and cover bands are where the money’s at. So my homegirl tried putting together a “Freestyle Cover Band”. I’m reaLLy glad it didn’t work out. I can’t stand freestyle music lol, but somehow I know all the words to all the songs.

5/13/16 2:40PM

Freestyle was the shit when I lived in Miami in the 80's. Trinere and Expose were just two favorites. I have a Freestyle channel on pandora.

5/13/16 1:49PM

Rich, the very thought of this post gets me aroused. In fact, I can even feel my heart beat right through my blouse. I live in the Midwest, but grew up in Queens in the late 80s and 90s - people here look at me like I'm absolutely BONKERS when I try to explain this genre. Rather than explain, I just want to teleport Read more

5/13/16 12:46PM

I’ll be the first person to admit, I’m as dumb as they get. How did Kraftwerk relate to Latin freestyle? When I think of them, I think early, experimental German techno/electronica. Were they simply an early influence?

5/13/16 12:43PM

Thank you for this. I’ll be going thru this entire list over the next few days. Thanks to youtube, I’ve discovered so much amazing 80's pop/R&B/dance. My fav. has to be Hooked on You, which is just the catchiest thing I’ve ever heard.