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“A man whose matrix we’d ALL like to reload, Keanu Reeves...” - I don’t know that they really knew what they were doing when they did that  Read more

I hope it’s not a night of obviousness. I want one of those oscar shockers tonight. Make me love living in the moment. Read more

I understand in my mind that Ozark is a real show, but I don’t believe in my heart that it’s a real show, if that makes any sense. Read more

I definitely don’t need Halsey doing “Time After Time.” Also, if they’re lost, they can’t look and they won’t find her ‘cause they’re dead. How is this an in memoriam song?  Read more

Loved when she went off on a tangent about chocolate and then freaked out and then completed the chocolate tangent. Read more

Does Lorne Michaels always smack his lips every three seconds? Read more

Hello Joanna.

Loved this tho.

Interesting that the Alexa nominees setup led to a Maisel win and Corden’s “choose your own adventure” thing preceded the Bandersnatch win. The formal exercises are announcing the winners before they’re announced. Read more

My Masked Singer costume:

I agree that he deserves it, and is indeed a winner, but I would not Bill Hader. Read more

Love this Paula Abdul-style clap from Lyonne.

Jeong totally lost me. I have no idea what that was about. Read more

“a power shoulder”