Rebecca Fishbein

Another possibility you might mention, especially for those who are concerned about the author of a narrative work, is transformative fanwork. Many people are drawn to fan fiction and other forms of fan work as a way to engage with a world they love, while also supporting efforts to add people and perspectives who Read more

Girl it is August who cares lol.

The erasing history argument is so transparently disingenuous. These colonialist statues went up on land owned by other peoples, effectively erasing their histories at the time. Thinking history begins when white people show up is peak caucasity

Pam was civil in pointing it out and you were gracious in accepting the feedback... Are you sure it’s 2020?

Unless you are in a time machine stuck in the George W. Bush era, I beg of you to update your impressions of Williamsburg 

i may be both a troll, but i’m also a reader and a friend, and thus, i demand an answer.

well, are you going on a facetime date with the governor or not

I fucking love you so, so much Rebecca.

Dear Sweet Marie, what has happened to our Rebecca? If you’re a neighbor of hers, check on her, would you?

I missed that, I’m sorry. I would edit my comment but the window has passed. Now I'm irritated at myself! I apologize again.

I know, she went and made a darkly funny joke about America’s favorite actor for comedic effect - how dare she try to entertain us!

You are absolutely correct about Tom Hanks and he’s the same reason I will not watch the Mister Rogers movie.

My dad talks about You Don’t Mess With The Zohan like it should be in the Criterion Collection.

Welcome, Rebecca.  Penguin Lust is a real thing, and now you are one of us.  We are loud as fuck, and now you know why. 

Awwww, don’t fix it!  I like Coke Maroney.  Let’s make it a running joke.

Welp... here’s another book to add to the list. Never fails. Finish one, find three more. Read more

Anyway, if the gymnastics dictionary is in need of any new moves, might I recommend the Fishbein? It involves sitting in bed watching Big Mouth for six hours straight and I am very good at it.

I had a grade school teacher tell me I wasn’t blonde, my hair was more “dirty dishwater color.” I’m still angry about it.