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Hello, I’m the writer, I’m a freelancer, I write for lots of places, and I’m quite good, not to toot my own horn. I had fun reporting this out, in large part because it was interesting to learn that a number of well-respected scientists have done research into the science of “ghost encounters,” since, as outlined in Read more

Oh god thank you for catching, I have never gotten that right in the history of my blogdom. Fixing!

Goddammit thank you for catching my very stupid mistake

for the record, they are very nice and i am glad they have a lot of takeout/delivery business, would just prefer to be quarantined above somewhere there isn’t music blasting for 12 hours a day

I would also like to know the answer to this question

Can I just have one goddamn thing to potentially look forward to 

Oh man, I loved Don’t Trust the B so much!!

Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd are the two I know, and they did Merrily We Roll Along at my high school. But I don’t know Company, etc. 

I’ve had some moments like that myself! And then I’m up at 4:19 a.m. reading the news and making forts for my new fork friends, so.

I did not leave it out. It’s in the graf after the 2015 Fresh Air excerpt. Read more

To be clear, i do NOT put bananas in the fridge! But according to Science they last a little longer when refrigerated, as opposed to taped to a wall in a humid climate. Though the peels turn black in the fridge so really I don’t know what Science is up to

updated—my group chat called it!

Yes I wrote the headline, and as you can see, Deborah Chow, who *directed the episode*, called the puppet “Baby Yoda.” That’s what we’re calling him! Now let’s please all return to debating whether or not the Last Jedi sucked, like normal people. 

The headline is literally, “Who Do I Have to Bone to Make *a* Baby Yoda?”

I’m well aware it is not Yoda as a baby but a baby version of Yoda’s species. The accepted nomenclature is Baby Yoda. 

Privacy laws in New Zealand prohibit media outlets from releasing his name until 2021.

ah, ty for catching, i’ll amend