Maria Sherman
URL: Senior Writer, Jezebel. IRL: Author of the very good book 'LARGER THAN LIFE: A History of Boy Bands from NKOTB to BTS,' out now.
Jan 7

Living the the era of President Dumb Fuck J. Drama Queen has got me listening to stuff from the eighties; I never thought there would be a darker moment in my lifetime than the eighties. Read more

Jan 7

After falling down an Indie Pop hole these past few years, I’ve found myself listening to more Punk stuff, such as (apologies if these bands are lame, always open to recommendations!) Viagra Boys, Starcrawler, and IDLES, amongst others. I think I’m gonna add Iceage to that list.

Jan 7

Wow, I can’t believe New Brigade is 10 years old. It still sounds so fresh, it aged really well. Also iceage is easily one of the top five shows I’ve ever been to.

Jun 9

maria i’ve had your book on pre-order for months, and every article about boy bands i read from you makes me more and more excited for it.

Oct 25 2019

I love this title and article. Please do many more of these. 

Oct 8 2019

I forgot a title! May I nominate Nope Forever Woods after the fact?

Jul 10 2019

11.) When Criss Angel told us he’s from Long Island. My boyfriend is from Long Island. Is Criss Angel my boyfriend?

Jul 10 2019

I was like, do I want to click on a piece about the oughts’ Criss Angel, but then I did because I wanted to see if JD from Korn got mentioned and yes, just like magic... 

Nov 21 2018

Just want to pop in to say that being a One Direction fan quite literally saved my life my freshman year of college.