Molly Osberg
Molly Osberg is a writer on the East Coast who reports on crime, class, and the U.S. healthcare system. Her work has been anthologized in the Best American Science and Nature Writing collection.

hell yeah carry around a lighter and you got yourself a weapon in a pinch  Read more

yeah she can tow it with her Rav 4! She sold the A-liner and bought a fancier getup with a bathroom and solar panels a few years back. I don’t have many great photos but here’s us last month in the camper watching a Red Sox game.

eh fuck you, pal, that’s not what it’s about at all  Read more Read more

I subscribe to the print edition, as everyone should! Incredible stuff; I’d recommend as something of a deep cut this oddly riveting 17-year-old story the famed true crime writer Pamala Coloff wrote about lipstick, of all fucking things. Read more

wonder if any of the consultants helped her craft this brutal own of a tweet  Read more

yeah and additionally, headlamp over flashlight any day! Read more

appropriate that the vaping lobster sea goddess may be the last lobster sea goddess :(  Read more

Your Frankie v Bukka take is correct.

i totally fucked that one up, cinnamon toast is right under 8, Cheddar and apples on toast and above 9, Gravy on toast. Read more