Molly Osberg
Molly Osberg is a Senior Reporter with G/O Media.
Jan 22

Dec 16

I subscribe to the print edition, as everyone should! Incredible stuff; I’d recommend as something of a deep cut this oddly riveting 17-year-old story the famed true crime writer Pamala Coloff wrote about lipstick, of all fucking things.

Sep 11

wonder if any of the consultants helped her craft this brutal own of a tweet 

Jun 4

appropriate that the vaping lobster sea goddess may be the last lobster sea goddess :( 

Mar 17 2020

i totally fucked that one up, cinnamon toast is right under 8, Cheddar and apples on toast and above 9, Gravy on toast.

Mar 17 2020

for my purposes I wanted to evaluate the actual food as a category rather than brand names or flavors! So assume everything on this list is made with the worst possible ingredients. We’re rationing, baby. 

Feb 27 2020

I think I can say with some certainty I am vastly more mortified than you were annoyed. I was a copy editor in another life! I really do appreciate you bringing it to my attention so quickly, though.