Megan Reynolds
Senior Writer, Jezebel
Apr 2

“sex pest.”  Hats off to you for that perfect moniker.

Mar 31

Oh man, I love cabbage too! I grew up eating a ton of it (in lots of forms) because my mom is from a German-American farming family. As a kid, I would beg for cabbage shedded and fried in butter.

Thank you for elevating this beautiful veggie! Vive le chou!

Mar 31

The Free Britney movement is a conspiracy theory, full stop. There’s probably something very wrong with her conservatorship. The media was awful to her during her peak years of fame and she deserves an apology, particularly when it comes to the coverage of her mental health. It contains a kernel of truth. But the way Read more

Mar 30

I know he’s a trash bag but I can’t help it, I think Travis is hot.  I have had these shameful thoughts since high school, people.  

Mar 26

I think Chrissy Teigen made the right choice in abandoning Twitter. She was trying to position herself as a “benevolent” Kardashian and that paradox was starting to damage her brand. You can’t be down-to-earth and also whine about how hard it is to be rich. That whole family leans into being vapid and it seems as if Read more

Mar 25

Ashley Reese is my fave writer on here! Not a dig at the other writers who are also great. Reese is just my personal fave.

Mar 23

My only defense of cereal is that some varieties are pretty good eaten dry. I have despised cereal with milk since childhood. 

Mar 17

As a female Asian sex worker (though not an American) I’ve spent a bit of time over the last several hours reminding some people that hating Asians vs hating women vs hating sex workers isn’t mutually exclusive. In this case it was clearly a scenario in which he hated all three, you don’t have to pick one to focus on Read more

Mar 5

I watched the entire series all January and decided to finish up by watching the film (I will never watch this film), and the pacing was off the charts. How is it carrie and big go from getting an apartment, ditching her at their wedding (thanks Samantha, just because steve cheated on you doesn’t mean you gotta shit Read more

Mar 5

My partner asked “what’s new?” the other day and my immediate thought was “you have been with me all goddamn week, there is nothing new!”... I need a lot of solo time and he prefers my place to his, so he basically lives here. I like having him around, but damn do I love the nights he spends at his own damn apartment.

Mar 3

I never could get into Fixer Upper, but Home Town has been way better. The houses themselves come out looking way more varied and they do a far better job giving their clients what they want, while still giving unique touches as well. Probably a good amount of it is staged, but I feel that they are a far better couple Read more

Feb 25

Yes, yes, there are medical reasons, but the single best argument I’ve seen to not even think twice about getting vaccinated is that, three days ago, on February 22nd in the year of our lord 2021, while getting my tires changed at a local garage, I got to pet a stranger’s dog without having weird, “Not all of these Read more

Feb 25

If you qualify as obese - I hate that word; let’s use... puppy. Everyone loves puppies. If you qualify as puppy, you are at higher risk of complications and death if you catch covid. That is a fact. You are just as valuable a person as someone who has a higher risk for any other reason. You should get the vaccine as Read more

Feb 22

Millenials seem to have missed the memo that once you hit 35 you literally don’t have to care about any of this shit anymore.

Feb 20

Can’t believe I’m defending KimK here, but... does it not seem an awful lot like some kind of self-righteous slut-shaming here is going on in the comments? Even some rather gross racial ‘wonder what rich talented black man she is going to take down next’ ideas going on. Yes, she is a reality star who has a sex tape. Read more