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RIP but I like all of them and I think you’re pulling them all off.

Oof, these clothes remind me of stuff I wore in the 90s when I was a child therefore, I can’t. It all looks like children’s clothing made in adult sizes.

The yellow dress definitely reminds me a bit of the 80s, like the dresses my wife and her mom made for things like the homecoming dance when we were in high school. Read more

Love the white smocked top and the green leopard print skirt combo. The rest of it...why, dear Lord and all the archangels, why? 

I have the yellow Old Navy dress and I love it. It is so comfortable, has pockets, and makes me feel summery and feminine but not childish.  

The purple one looks cute. Since I now have boobs, it would work for me. Too bad it sounds like the material would be uncomfortable in the summer. Read more

Nobody with bombs should wear ruched bodice types. It’s so uncomfortable. The yellow dress also should have been green.

Here to say that I absolutely love the puff sleeve trend. As someone both muscular and fat, I am thrilled to find clothes with sleeves that aren’t skin tight. Read more

...I think you look really cute in these? But I hear you—I ordered a white dress in a very similar style from Loft and when it came time to try it on I looked like I just caught dysentery on the Oregon Trail.

I just noticed this earlier this week. I have a bunch of events coming up, so I decided to take a run at Rent the Runway. I found a bunch of things I loved but then checked the ‘hot trends’ or ‘weekend edit’ pages and was like WTF is going on here. I’m having traumatic late 70s early 80s flashbacks. Read more

In the context of the other articles on the himbos, I think I can finally put my finger on the Pete Davidson hit or miss appeal. In my assessment he is a particular type of east coast himbo, hence perhaps the spotty appeal. I would be curious among those in his fan club, if they are more east coaster. From my west Read more

Samantha tragically passed away in 2017 of Turbo Gonorrhea. The first few episodes will deal with coming to grips with her loss. In her place will be a no-nonsense, hip black woman, which is a fresh trope we’ve never seen before.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this from start to finish.

This speaks to me. I was having a particularly lonely in-my-feels Sunday so I went to my local shopping center which houses an Ulta, Old Navy, DSW, B&N bookstore, World Market and Pets Mart. I wondered between the stores for hours ending up at Pets Mart to see the adoptable kitties. I stayed within my self imposed Read more

As an early retiree* living in Boca Raton I endorse this article. Read more

mostly neutrals in vaguely baggy shapes, meant to convey Eileen Fisher on a Thrift Town budget Read more

I listened to Howard Stern on Conan’s podcast and it does *seem* like he’s grown as a human being over the years. He’s still self absorbed, but he’s tolerable now. And does Fred Durst have a giant penis made of chocolate and gold? That gross little man was linked to the most gorgeous women. And his music stunk. Stank. Read more

I am concerned about how Leo will find his girlfriends now. At least Adam Levine already locked his down! Read more

Those are hideous but I have been trying to find a pair of wedge sneakers for ages. Ella on Lucifer always has a banging pair and I want them.