Megan Reynolds
Senior Writer, Jezebel
Jan 20

I’ve been informed that the New Radicals will be representing California, which means that no one will ghostride the whip for America, and I am INCENSED.

Jan 20

I discovered that the surgical masks meant for a child’s face are the answer to this conundrum. 

Dec 28

Traumatized from years of ruining baking sheets, but I couldn’t possibly bear the thought of cracking an egg onto a baking sheet, I said what I said!

Dec 23

to be fair, he is there, but i did NOT expect him to galumph across the screen and make noise

Nov 16

The college has finally stopped sending me their cursed alumni magazine, where I just read about people like, 11 years younger than me, doing stuff like “getting TV shows” and “being famous.” ;) :) :) 

Nov 11

Trailer pants are actually the pants I’ve been looking for my entire life, thank you. 

Nov 10

Nowhere did I say Phil Collins was the bad guy, but I’ve fixed the name of the ex-wife, thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading. 

Nov 10

What if the only thing I took away from the show was that the wallpaper was good and that the show was a nice distraction from everything else happening in the world?