Mark Shrayber
Mar 20 2019

And hello Twitter—I may not Tweet but I hear things. I write my own comments, too. I don’t have a team. I have me. If it has my name on it—book, comment, whatever—I fracking wrote it. What’s so hard to understand about that?

Sep 28 2018

Interesting. Now, would you ever entertain a not-leaving-Jezebel conversation

Jan 16 2018

This feels very “I’m gay and not willing to admit it to myself yet” move.

I say this not from a place of judgment, but from a place of knowing exactly what it’s like to be not willing to admit your sexuality to yourself for a long while.

Nov 17 2017

Lord knows that when I look back on all the women I’ve loved, I primarily think about the men they worked for.

May 16 2017

PWR BTTM’s entire ethos was creating a safe space for the marginalized. I wasn’t a big fan of their music but respected it, so I went to one of their shows, and at that show (& every other date on their tour), they insisted on having gender neutral bathrooms and Ben & Liv spent much of their set addressing the Read more

May 16 2017

While Ben Hopkins is the scum of the earth and can DIAF, the cynical side of me wonders if the reason people are so quick to take extreme action in this case is because it is a Queer band. If their music was heteronormative I wonder if it would be this strong of a backlash.

May 16 2017

I understand how these two are held to a higher standard. As they should, preaching what they preach. But I do wish this was the same reaction for all the Casey Afflecks, Chris Browns, R. Kelly’s and.... our sports heroes. They all get a giant fucking PASS.

May 12 2017

It’s great when band names lend themselves to adjustment when they break up. Quadratonix. Fourth Harmony. Two Directions. The White Stripe. Journeys.

May 12 2017

With clasped hands and solemn gazes, the members of famed a cappella group Pentatonix silently comforted vocalist Avi Kaplan as he announced, in a video posted to Facebook today, that he would be taking a step back from the group. “This decision... has been one of the toughest decisions to make in my entire life,” Read more

May 5 2017

Is “abusing semicolons to project the illusion of superiority” a white value?

Apr 12 2017

And two years later, my opinion remains unchanged: That dress is fucking ugly!

Apr 12 2017

It doesn’t matter if it’s light blue and brown or white and gold in bad lighting - it’s fucking ugly. And no one needs sleep to make that call.

Jan 27 2017

None of them know that Planned Parenthood can help them even though they have penises, because they can use them to pee in a little cup and have some tests run to see if they have any ghastly sexually transmitted diseases or infections . . . you know, should something like that happen to be a cause for concern?

Sep 18 2014

Dude, I'm just in the middle of my jay, and this has left me comatose after laughing so hard.