just silly. Like black women that dress like this woudl take offence that Vogue is taking them as inspiration. That being said, not ALL black women dress like the "archetype" in this case. But those that do dress like this, are making the ultimate effort to be LOUD about their looks, they are proud about their Read more

well, the fact so many of us got some "insight" the nipples, after looking at the diagram, says how much we hide breasts. If only porn stars or strippers can be the ones to "learn" from, something is missing. Free the nipple! Read more

Does anybody in the USA, knows Tonto means literally stupid in Spanish? Read more

it is really sickening to watch these women be treated like this, like this shit is so serious when is only fkn modeling contest... come on!! Intestine parasites are more relevant than fkn fashion industry people! Read more

incoherence is her message! Read more

that is one weird diagram of a vagina. Besides blood flow is not IT! Read more

another set of victims of depression Read more

Of course the president would not take offense in a comment that says more about the author than him. Read more

Aw, I like Karla's blog, Karla's Closet. I didn't know she was so heavily involved with Chictopia, howevs. Read more You're saying the picture itself isn't enough to let you know she is cuckoo bananas? ;) Read more