Lauren Evans
Night blogger at Jezebel
Jan 6

The way things are leaking like a sieve at the WH right now, I’m almost more surprised that we haven’t heard about what I’m assuming is an epic tantrum. Read more

Jun 12 2018

Either way this whole thing is basically an argument to show whose stuffed cucumber is bigger.

Nov 13 2016

Yesterday I went out and was super paranoid. Today is no different. I want to fight back but this is a spectacularly painful blow. I feel betrayed by my neighbors even. Its hard when you arent in a big metropolitan city like NYC and youre a POC in a small white suburb. The threat is so much larger. Ugh. I am so Read more

Oct 30 2016

I had to get a special doula when I have birth to my cat, one who wouldn’t judge me for rolling the placenta up and smoking it in a joint.

Oct 9 2016

Yeah, well I didn’t live 33 fucking years to see Trump become president either.

Aug 27 2016

I hope you appreciate how nice they’re being to you when they very well could have ripped you to pieces. You don’t know how lucky you are that you’ve been spared the pain and humiliation of a bunch of uptight dorks pissily correcting you.

Jul 3 2016

When I read that column this morning, I was all “Oh, Jez just has to cover this!” And you did not disappoint. It’s even better than expected with the additional Friday version which I hadn’t seen. The Vows column has sure changed over the years when it used to be all Margaret (Muffy) Brown and Harlan (Shep) Pinkleton Read more

May 30 2016

I don’t know how to insert links into words on my phone, so it’s sort of a low-rent looking Dirt Bag:( Read more